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Should I go for a lipo sculpt?

I have to admit that I am slightly body obsessed, and I am wondering if I should go for a lip sculpt. Many of the girls here at Wimbledon escorts have had various procedures. For instance lip enhancement or lip implants are very popular with all of the girls here, but I think that my lips look okay. It would perhaps be nice if my cheek bone stood out a bit more, but you can’t have it all. I am pretty much happy with the way my face looks, but I am not so happy with other parts of me.

dating a wimbledon escorts are fun

dating a wimbledon escorts are fun

For instance, I think that my thighs need a helping hand. I do exercise a lot but I can get rid off some extra bulky bits on my thighs. To be honest, I am pretty religious about my exercise routine, and before or after my job at Wimbledon escorts, I always go to the gym. I do spinning, yoga and a bit of weight lifting as well. It probably all helps but I don’t seem to able to shift those annoying little inches, and they keep starring back at me in the mirror. It does get on my nerves!

This is the main reason why I am considering going for a bit of lip sculpture. Lipo suction has long been popular here at Wimbledon escorts, but lipo sculpt is a little bit different. It basically means that they remove fat from certain parts of your body, and it is more of a sculpting action than anything else. There is less bruising, and it is a treatment which focuses much more on certain areas such as thighs, hips and bum. Sometimes, lipo suction can be a bit brutal, and it can look a bit funny after you have had it done.

What I am trying to achieve is an allover balanced look, and not just end up with straight legs like some of the other girls here at Wimbledon escorts. I do think that the gents we date here at the agency like to see a well toned figure but they don’t like to see us looking like boys. It is all to let that happen if you for lip suction. No, I really want to focus on retaining my femininity and look super sexy at the same time. From what I have seen from lipo sculpt work, you can achieve that with this method.

I know that I am a bit vain, but I honestly think that most Wimbledon escorts are bit vain. We always seem to be rushing off to the hairdresser or having our nails done. It can’t be helped, and I think it sort of comes with the working for an escorts service, you are sort of very body conscious most of the time. If, I am really honest with myself, I probably don’t need to have this done. but it is something I would like to have done for me. I feel it will give me that extra bit of swagger.

Having fun with Croydon escorts

Are you in the mood for some fun? Well, we certainly hope so. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking at our homepage, would you. Tell me, which one of our hot babes are you in the mood for tonight? Would you like a little bit of blonde company, or would you prefer a hot and kinky brunette? What ever your pleasure is, please let us know and everything will be taken care of right away. We are ready to have some serious adult fun whenever you are, and you should never hesitate to give us a call day or night? we can be by your side in minutes.

Croydon is a really exciting place to date in, and you will find lost of different Croydon escorts working here. If, you are in the mood for a hot Indian babe, we can take care of that for you as well. We know that Indian escorts are hard to find in inner London, but here at Croydon escorts, we pride ourselves in catering for gents who are looking for ladies from all around the world. Does it sound good for you? If, it does, stop what you are doing and pick up the phone and give us a call right now.

Once you have decided what sort of girl that you would like to meet tonight, you need to figure out what you would like to do. Would you like to pop around for a nice relaxing tantric massage with a hot Indian girl, or would you just like to have some fun with a hot ans sticky blonde. Here at Croydon escorts, you can do whatever you like. All of the girls who work for our agency are very open minded, and like to play in many different ways. Would you like to come and play as well?

If, you are in the mood for a bit of role play, you are more than welcome to come around to see us. Maybe you would like to meet our own exciting version of the Sleeping Beauty, or maybe you would like something completely different. After all, the girls here have many different games that you can and they nothing better when gents bring their own ideas. If you would like to come around to Croydon escorts and be a naughty boy, you can do that as well. We will put you in touch with our exclusive dominatrix service and she can be gentle, or a bit tough on you.

Croydon escorts can be the ultimate gents’ pleasure ground if you only let it. We like to make sure that all of our gents are catered for, and this is why we provide many different dating styles and ways of having fun here at the agency. We like to think that we can cater for all discerning gents who like to visit our hot and sensational babes. If, you are indeed in the mood for some adult fun, please come around so that we can party. After all, you don’t want to sit alone at home tonight, do you?

Twickenham escorts

I have worked for quite a few different escorts agencies in and around London, but Twickenham escorts in is probably the busiest agency that I have ever worked for. This is just go, go all of the time and it is difficult to get time off. I enjoy working for them, but it isn’t the same as working for the other agency I worked for in London. I miss all of the escorts I worked with, and I don’t think that we have the same team spirit here in Twickenham. As a matter of fact, I think that the agency is a bit too big.

The one thing I really like about Twickenham escorts is the dates. I have been able to date some really great gents over the last few months. The gents that I dated in central London were very sophisticated. A lot of the gents that I have met out here in Twickenham so far have been great fun. I love being with them, and we have a great time together. Party dating is also very popular and I have started to do a lot of party dates. This is a real big party zone of London, and I love it.

The only other thing I miss is some of the shopping. Yes, I can get into central London for shopping but you have to sort of take a whole day out to do it. When I worked in central London, I could go shopping after work for a few hours but there is no way I can do that from here. Mind you, it might be a good thing as I have been able to save a lot of money, and I now have a lot of money in what I call my college fund. Maybe working for Twickenham escorts is not such a bad thing at all.

I have to say that I also miss some of my Mayfair gents. It is not the business men and the travelers that I miss, but I miss the local gents that I dated. A lot of them had lived in the area for a really long time, and I felt that they had become friends. They still have my mobile number, and I sometimes have a drink with them when I go into London. In a way it felt like we had a deeper social contact than I do with my gents here at Twickenham escorts.

As I am only planning to do another six months with Twickenham escorts before I go to college, I am just going to keep my head down and get on with things. The idea is to try and earn as much money as possible, and I am more than happy to pay less rent and few living expenses. It is not a bad thing living here in Twickenham at all, but I know that I am going to have to move again when I go to college. Looking forward to going to college now.

Bayswater Escorts

I like dating in Bayswater London, and I have recently discovered that we have some amazing hot new talent at Bayswater escorts services. This is rather a new agency that was started by a Madam called Eve just over a year ago. She has certainly done an excellent job of recruiting the hottest and most exciting kind of girls that I have ever seen. I have to say that I have dated some really hot sexy vixens in my time but you just can’t beat the girls who are now dating with the help of Madam Eve. She has recruited only the very best.

Tina is a hot Brazilian lap dancer who dates through Bayswater escorts from Unusually for a Brazilian girl she is blonde but I really like about her is her long amazing legs. You see I am a bit of a secret legs man and I can’t get enough of women with long legs that go all the way up to their ass. Tina is exactly one of those girls and I am sure that she is many gents’ dream date. She is just incredibly hot to be around and she managed to satisfy my every need and desire on our first date.

Viva is a stunning Spanish brunette who has just been recruited by Madam Eve and Bayswater escorts services. She comes from Barcelona where she used to work as an elite escort. You can certainly tell she knows what she is doing and many gents are already arranging second or third dates with her. She has the most amazing body and when she dances her nipples go in different directions. I loved our date and I will certainly date Viva again. She is also into duo dating so I might just try that next time I arrange a date through the agency.

Tattiana is hot Swedish girl with amazing blonde hair. She is a little bit on the kinky side as she loves to dress up for you. The last time I came around she was dressed as Sleeping Beauty and I had to wake her up with more than a kiss. She really knows how to turn a guy on and when you are stressed, she knows how to relax you with a lovely Swedish massage. One of the main reasons I date Tattiana is because of her excellent massage skills, she can really revive my soul.

Bayswater is now a very busy area of London and I am sure that more and more gents will start dating Bayswater escorts. The agency run by Madam Eve is one of the best run agencies in London today, and has certainly given Bayswater escorts a good name. Both local and gents from all over London date in Bayswater now and the agency also offers an excellent outcall service with a private car. Madam Eve is looking to add more services in the autumn and you are likely to come across services such as escorting for couples and party girls.

Best London Escorts

There are a lot of London escorts agencies like They charge some of the highest prices in London, and a lot of people wonder if London escorts are worth the money? You bet they are – I have dated escorts in almost every capital city around the world and I just love London escorts.

The girls are sexy, discreet and stunning. I fly in from Moskva about twice a month and London is now the only place I worry about dating escorts in. I might feel the urge coming on when I visit places like New York, and I do meet up with an escort or two but it is not the same. London escorts are the girls for me, and I mean when I say that London escorts are the best in the world.


London Escorts

Great Body London Escorts

The service you get from a London escort is second to none. They will invite you in to their lovely apartments, sit you down with a drink and invite you to take a nice relaxation shower. It is something something so very special about the entire process, and I never get fed up with the way the treat me.

There is absolutely no rush and it feels more like you are visiting a very sexy friend instead. I tell you what, i wished I had sexy friends like these girls back home In Moskva but that would be day dreaming.


Okay, a lot of escorts around the world can be very sexy but London girls are sexy without any effort, They don’t dress cheap or put on loads of make up to look good. Most of the girls that I have dated in this part of London are just very natural and try to make an effort to stay that way.

It makes a lot of difference to a guy like me. I don’t like fake women and I hate women who have had a lot of plastic surgery. Russian women are really into plastic surgery and all seem to have fake boobs and more, I hate that, and I don’t like going out with them.


I even think that London girls have a special smile. It is sort of more genuine and they seem to be happy to see you. I have a couple of favorite escorts that I like to meet when I come to London, and I must say that we are very friendly now. They more or less seem like my girlfriends, and I like to treat them as such.

I confess to that I spoil them rotten with very lovely gifts of fur coats and fancy hand bags, but I don’t mind that. I love the way they make me feel, and the gifts seem to be appreciated.

Dating escorts is a unique experience and not all guys might like dating escorts from London. London escorts are something special, and there is no way I am going to stop dating my favorite girls.


He is gay? Now, you do surprise me!

A group of Croydon escorts recently came in to visit us here at the Better Sex offices, and we ended up talking about famous gay guys. The girls from the Croydon escorts agency certainly knew a lot more about gays celebs than I do, so I asked the Croydon escorts to come up with five surprising gay guys that I knew nothing about.

After a couple of couple of coffees the Croydon escorts had finished with their assigned task, and I sat down with them to find out who they had decided where the hottest gay guys out there. However, first of all I asked the Croydon escorts how you can spot a gay celeb?

How to spot a gay celeb?

I am apparently not very good at spotting a gay celeb because many names on the list were news to me. The girls from the Croydon escorts agency that visited us must have a hidden talent for this kind of work.

The best way to spot a gay celebs is to check out the way they are dressed off screen. If, they are nice and neatly dressed, they are much more likely to be gay.

Now, my husband is always nicely dressed and believe me, my husband is very far from being gay. So, what should I look for? Checkered suits, or pink stripped suits? I am just totally confused here. Do gay men wear pink socks just to signal their sexuality, or do they wear a particular type of colour Ben Sherman shirt?

Spotting a gay guy is not as easy as it seems. Looking at the gay celebrities, I would not have put down any of them as gay, if the Croydon escorts had not pointed it out to me, and I am not so sure the rest of the general public would have done so either. Life is certainly not very easy these days.

Neil Patrick Harris from the American sitcom How I met your mother is gay! Now there is a shocker! He plays this really red hot guy in the sitcom who chases after every girl in town. I find it amazing to find out that he is gay! Okay, yes he is a very smart dresser and apparently he married his partner in 2014.

We have all heard of singer Ricky Martin, but who would have thought Ricky is gay?! The amount of times I have danced to La Vida Loca, and not known anything about that! Now, that is swiveling and gyrating pelvis a lot of ladies will lose out on. It is a real shame, and he is such as sexy dancer as well.

Wentworth Miller is another sex bomb who I thought was straight. You may remember him from the series Prison Break, and I must admit there will be on or two heartbroken ladies out there when they hear these news.

Okay there has been some classical Hollywood stars such as Rock Hudson and Richard Chamberlain who were gay but I hardly think that John Wayne was gay.

Here is another surprise for you – Russel Tovey. You may remember this handsome guy from Looking but I am sorry to have to tell you he is gay, ladies.

Many of us ladies us to love Dr O’Malley in the Grey’s anatomy but do you know that back in 2013, he married his gay partner Patrick Leahy? What a shame, the guy is so cute and I would just love to have taken him home.

Sorry ladies, I will know there will be a few broken hearts out there but at least we know a little bit more about who is gay… fancy Ricky Martin being gay!?

Could you be gay?

Anal sex has a bit of a checkered and controversial history. Escorts in London say that many people are confused about anal sex, and what it is about anal sex that turn a lot of men on. There could be many psychological factors behind this issue, so we decided to contact sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss to hear what she had to say on the matter.

Dr. Bliss has worked with porn stars and escorts in London, and gained her PhD from a reputable university. She is very interested in the issue of anal sex, and say that there may even be some historical significance at play. Just like many London escorts, she appreciates the fact that many people have different sexual preferences, and we should not try to prejudge people’s sexual attitudes or preferences too much.

Anal sex has been around for a long time, and London escorts say that there are many historical accounts of annual sex having been popular for thousand of years. However, most escorts London are not sure why some men have a need to have anal sex with their partners-, and why some are concerned about being gay.

escorts london

escorts london and anal sex

Anal Sex in History

The first time we read and hear about anal sex is from the Greek Macedonian armies of Alexander the Great. Anal sex seem to have been a very popular practice amongst his troops but no one seem to have considered it as a “gay” activity”. Many of the men, including Alexander himself, were married and had wives as well. However, Dr. Bliss is keen to point out that this is probably where the idea that all men who had anal sex were gay came from.

The truth is throughout history there are a lot of references to men having anal sex with women. It was used as a normal sexual practice as child birth was not only very dangerous in those days, but it was also a way of avoiding pregnancy. So, perhaps this is a natural instinct which tells us that if we have anal sex, we avoid pregnancy.

So London escorts are right, this is a very complex issue and there are many different reasons behind anal sex.

The Pleasure

London Escorts think that we are a bit too quick to put the emphasis on men. What if, like many London escorts believe, it is the women who ask the men to give them anal sex. It may not come natural to all men but perhaps the partners talk them into it. They may say that it will give the man more pleasure this way, and gradually step by step, a men gets used to the idea.

All of a sudden, it may seem perfectly natural to enjoy anal sex with your partner. Dr. Bliss points out that once you have enjoyed a sexual activity, you may want to try it again. She also points out that there is plenty of straight women who enjoy having anal sex with other straight women by using dildos or strap-ons.

Our sex lives are unique to us, and what one person enjoys, another one might hate. Escorts in London always say that great sex is about variety and exploring. We should be prepared to explore our sexual relationship with ourselves as well as our partners.

Homosexuality in schools – why not?

Many well educated elite london escorts believe that sex education in schools is lacking in many ways. We are still teaching children about sex in a very archaic way, and this really needs to be addressed.

London Escorts and adult entertainment industry workers in London point out that many children still leave school today with very poor sexual awareness. They may know how you get pregnant when you have sex but in general london escorts think that understanding of certain topics are poor.

Dealing with Sex Education

Many london escorts are mothers as well and do have children who are receiving sex education in schools. London Escorts are often surprised as to the way issues like contraception are approached, and many of them remark that very little class room time is spent dealing with contraception.

Unwanted pregnancies in young people are still very common, and london escorts think that this is a topic educators should take onboard and deal with a bit better.

Homosexuality is another issue which is seldom talked about during sex education classes, and london escorts fail to understand why this is such a taboo subject. Once outside the school information about homosexuality is freely available, and many children are exposed to homosexuality in other ways.

They may have family members who are homosexual or they may access information about homosexuality on the internet.

Be Honest

When it comes to sex education it is better to be honest, and tell children that there are many different types of relationships. Some men prefer being with other men, ladies may prefer other ladies instead and some people are bisexual.

London Escorts feel that if we were more honest and allowed the topic of sexual preferences to be taught in school, many children would be less judgmental about other issues as well. Children are after all taught about different religions in school, so why should they not be taught about different types of sexuality as well.

They don’t always ask

Children used ask their parents a lot more question but now it appears that Mr and Mrs Google have taken over a lot of parenting. Younger members of our society are much more likely to try to look something up on the internet than asking their parents.

This is also a concern as many parents are out of touch with children lives, and don’t appreciate what their children have learned surfing the net.

Internet safety is an issue as well. A child may in all innocence type in the world homosexuality, but most escorts know that the search results are not always what you expect. This is a bit of a high risk situation, and children may come across something which is not suitable.

The problem comes when children don’t talk to their parents about what they have found, and from there the problem can escalate.

Schools should educate about many other things than they do today. Educational specialists must be made to realise that children are thanks to the internet, exposed to much more information than ever before. Unfortunately, a lot of what children find on the internet is never talked about.

It is about time that our educational values are reviewed to reflect modern life, and the way we find and deal with information in our society.

Gay sex

People still have bigotry opinions of Gay sex which is wrong.  Our sexy London escorts believe Sexuality is a free choice for all. Below is an example of the wrong type of opinion.

Gay sex is the act of a man having sexual intercourse with a fellow man has been practiced over the years by people of different cultures . Some countries have accepted and embraced gay sex and some have not and actually will never. In some countries gay sex is legal and in others it is not. This has brought about online sites about gay pornography and escorts whereby the traffic is always congested which can only mean that porn sites are the most visited and the adult videos are selling more than anything. However gay porn should be banned to young people because it has so many negative effects.


Gay porn can be very interesting when one is starting to watch and all you need is to explore it more deeper and deeper which later brings about addiction. pornography sites may cause marital break down because after watching too much of these , you will want to try it out due to curiosity and the urge to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Of course it is hard to approach any one because you never know how they will react to the whole thing. This is one thing that will cause sexual abuse to children because they can’t defend themselves.

Health risks

London escorts have come across research that shows that sexually transmitted diseases are more contracted during anal sex than during the vaginal sex. Gay people never use protection during sex and some of them turn out to be bisexuals meaning the will have both anal and vaginal sex thus many chances of being infected with diseases. London escorts also found out that Anal sex may also contribute to loosening of muscles and this may become a life time problem. Escorts in London think it is wise to only have gay pornography legal to adults to avoid influencing young people when they have more important lesson to learn. To avoid deaths among young people it is only wise to raise the legal age of gay sex.

Loss of dignity

Watching gay sex pornography and escorts can be very addictive to an extent that some people will drop very important things to be done only to watch it.However you can hide it but only for a very short time until people close and around you realise your behaviours. Once you lose the respect your friends you can never bring it back. When you are exposed, your dignity drastically goes down the drain. London escorts can see that however much individuals say that gay sex is legal it can never be accepted by the whole world and will be seen as an immoral thing to do.


Gay sex pornography is not advisable if there has to be future leaders who are morally upright. There should be a way to deny access to people underage when the want to visit the sites or watch the adult videos. Let there be a law to that will increase the protection of young people even if their age allows them to watch gay sex pornography. London escorts conclude that from the negative effects of gay sex pornography listed above, it is clear that the legal age of gay sex should be raised.

For more interesting debates and stories like this visit London escorts finest

Clothing and Apparel: Gifts Escorts Love to Buy

The Holiday season is just around the corner. This is the time where all of us are saving up to buy gifts and other presents for families and friends. In the Kingston escorts industry, adult professionals such as prostitutes, call girls and Kingston escorts also are looking for the most wonderful gifts for the holiday season. To make sure that you do not skip or miss anything for the holidays, it is recommended that escorts must make a checklist and take just one day off.

As Kingston escorts, you should be looking or searching for gift items both online and on local stores. Check and compare the prices, as well as the qualities of the items you have on your list. While the holiday season is still coming up, it is never too early to buy and give gifts.

Clothing and Apparel

The two most common things that professional Kingston escorts may buy as holiday gifts are clothing and apparel. Why is this? It is simply because an escort or prostitute is more familiar and knowledgeable when it comes to choosing nice set of clothing and apparel.

One of the typical clothing items that can be given as a holiday gift is winter fur coat. When it’s the holiday season, it automatically indicates that it’s winter season. You should be expecting for snow to pour. Cooler temperatures outside are also expected. Instead of buying nonsense things (and why would you buy a nonsense holiday present?), Kingston escorts may choose to buy a winter fur coat or jacket. This clothing item is not just a nice buy, but also it is good in keeping your body warm when the temperature is colder than the usual.

It is guaranteed that this kind of clothing item can provide immediate warmth for an individual’s body. This gift item perfectly suits an individual who is an outdoor type of person. It can be styled fashionably by the user and mix and match with other apparels such as a scarf or whatever comes to your mind that compliments with your winter fur coat or jacket.

In addition, escorts from Kingston can also add in fur slouch boots or slippers to perfectly combine with the winter fur coat or jacket. It is just okay to spend a little of luxurious items since it is the holidays.

Another gift item that will be very useful during the holiday season is a pair of knee-high boots. This is perfect to keep your feet warm and dry during a very cold winter time. Kingston escorts with a holiday day off can include this item in her checklist. She will be able to look for a comfy, waterproof and at the same time winter-proof knee-high boots. For those who do not have the time to shop around, there are online stores that also offer edgy yet very functional knee-high boots.

The holiday season is coming up and adult professionals such as the girls from are not an exception to buy gifts for their families, friends and loved ones.