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Homosexuality in schools – why not?

Many well educated elite london escorts believe that sex education in schools is lacking in many ways. We are still teaching children about sex in a very archaic way, and this really needs to be addressed.

London Escorts and adult entertainment industry workers in London point out that many children still leave school today with very poor sexual awareness. They may know how you get pregnant when you have sex but in general london escorts think that understanding of certain topics are poor.

Dealing with Sex Education

Many london escorts are mothers as well and do have children who are receiving sex education in schools. London Escorts are often surprised as to the way issues like contraception are approached, and many of them remark that very little class room time is spent dealing with contraception.

Unwanted pregnancies in young people are still very common, and london escorts think that this is a topic educators should take onboard and deal with a bit better.

Homosexuality is another issue which is seldom talked about during sex education classes, and london escorts fail to understand why this is such a taboo subject. Once outside the school information about homosexuality is freely available, and many children are exposed to homosexuality in other ways.

They may have family members who are homosexual or they may access information about homosexuality on the internet.

Be Honest

When it comes to sex education it is better to be honest, and tell children that there are many different types of relationships. Some men prefer being with other men, ladies may prefer other ladies instead and some people are bisexual.

London Escorts feel that if we were more honest and allowed the topic of sexual preferences to be taught in school, many children would be less judgmental about other issues as well. Children are after all taught about different religions in school, so why should they not be taught about different types of sexuality as well.

They don’t always ask

Children used ask their parents a lot more question but now it appears that Mr and Mrs Google have taken over a lot of parenting. Younger members of our society are much more likely to try to look something up on the internet than asking their parents.

This is also a concern as many parents are out of touch with children lives, and don’t appreciate what their children have learned surfing the net.

Internet safety is an issue as well. A child may in all innocence type in the world homosexuality, but most escorts know that the search results are not always what you expect. This is a bit of a high risk situation, and children may come across something which is not suitable.

The problem comes when children don’t talk to their parents about what they have found, and from there the problem can escalate.

Schools should educate about many other things than they do today. Educational specialists must be made to realise that children are thanks to the internet, exposed to much more information than ever before. Unfortunately, a lot of what children find on the internet is never talked about.

It is about time that our educational values are reviewed to reflect modern life, and the way we find and deal with information in our society.

Gay sex

People still have bigotry opinions of Gay sex which is wrong.  Our sexy London escorts believe Sexuality is a free choice for all. Below is an example of the wrong type of opinion.

Gay sex is the act of a man having sexual intercourse with a fellow man has been practiced over the years by people of different cultures . Some countries have accepted and embraced gay sex and some have not and actually will never. In some countries gay sex is legal and in others it is not. This has brought about online sites about gay pornography and escorts whereby the traffic is always congested which can only mean that porn sites are the most visited and the adult videos are selling more than anything. However gay porn should be banned to young people because it has so many negative effects.


Gay porn can be very interesting when one is starting to watch and all you need is to explore it more deeper and deeper which later brings about addiction. pornography sites may cause marital break down because after watching too much of these , you will want to try it out due to curiosity and the urge to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Of course it is hard to approach any one because you never know how they will react to the whole thing. This is one thing that will cause sexual abuse to children because they can’t defend themselves.

Health risks

London escorts have come across research that shows that sexually transmitted diseases are more contracted during anal sex than during the vaginal sex. Gay people never use protection during sex and some of them turn out to be bisexuals meaning the will have both anal and vaginal sex thus many chances of being infected with diseases. London escorts also found out that Anal sex may also contribute to loosening of muscles and this may become a life time problem. Escorts in London think it is wise to only have gay pornography legal to adults to avoid influencing young people when they have more important lesson to learn. To avoid deaths among young people it is only wise to raise the legal age of gay sex.

Loss of dignity

Watching gay sex pornography and escorts can be very addictive to an extent that some people will drop very important things to be done only to watch it.However you can hide it but only for a very short time until people close and around you realise your behaviours. Once you lose the respect your friends you can never bring it back. When you are exposed, your dignity drastically goes down the drain. London escorts can see that however much individuals say that gay sex is legal it can never be accepted by the whole world and will be seen as an immoral thing to do.


Gay sex pornography is not advisable if there has to be future leaders who are morally upright. There should be a way to deny access to people underage when the want to visit the sites or watch the adult videos. Let there be a law to that will increase the protection of young people even if their age allows them to watch gay sex pornography. London escorts conclude that from the negative effects of gay sex pornography listed above, it is clear that the legal age of gay sex should be raised.

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Clothing and Apparel: Gifts Escorts Love to Buy

The Holiday season is just around the corner. This is the time where all of us are saving up to buy gifts and other presents for families and friends. In the Kingston escorts industry, adult professionals such as prostitutes, call girls and Kingston escorts also are looking for the most wonderful gifts for the holiday season. To make sure that you do not skip or miss anything for the holidays, it is recommended that escorts must make a checklist and take just one day off.

As Kingston escorts, you should be looking or searching for gift items both online and on local stores. Check and compare the prices, as well as the qualities of the items you have on your list. While the holiday season is still coming up, it is never too early to buy and give gifts.

Clothing and Apparel

The two most common things that professional Kingston escorts may buy as holiday gifts are clothing and apparel. Why is this? It is simply because an escort or prostitute is more familiar and knowledgeable when it comes to choosing nice set of clothing and apparel.

One of the typical clothing items that can be given as a holiday gift is winter fur coat. When it’s the holiday season, it automatically indicates that it’s winter season. You should be expecting for snow to pour. Cooler temperatures outside are also expected. Instead of buying nonsense things (and why would you buy a nonsense holiday present?), Kingston escorts may choose to buy a winter fur coat or jacket. This clothing item is not just a nice buy, but also it is good in keeping your body warm when the temperature is colder than the usual.

It is guaranteed that this kind of clothing item can provide immediate warmth for an individual’s body. This gift item perfectly suits an individual who is an outdoor type of person. It can be styled fashionably by the user and mix and match with other apparels such as a scarf or whatever comes to your mind that compliments with your winter fur coat or jacket.

In addition, escorts from Kingston can also add in fur slouch boots or slippers to perfectly combine with the winter fur coat or jacket. It is just okay to spend a little of luxurious items since it is the holidays.

Another gift item that will be very useful during the holiday season is a pair of knee-high boots. This is perfect to keep your feet warm and dry during a very cold winter time. Kingston escorts with a holiday day off can include this item in her checklist. She will be able to look for a comfy, waterproof and at the same time winter-proof knee-high boots. For those who do not have the time to shop around, there are online stores that also offer edgy yet very functional knee-high boots.

The holiday season is coming up and adult professionals such as the girls from are not an exception to buy gifts for their families, friends and loved ones.

Seven Most Popular Adult Movie Genres

It is not really a surprise that everyone loves to watch adult videos online today. In fact, it is so easy for anyone with a computer connected to internet to access porn. It has been noted that at least 35% of traffic online goes to porn sites, which means that adult movies sell more than anything. Variety is the spice of life therefore different genres and subgenres of porn have been introduced to cater to everyone’s taste and meet viewers expectations. The following are seven of the most watched porn genres.

Lesbian porn is the most popular porn category in the world. It involves strictly women with women and is mostly viewed by heterosexual males. The second most popular porn genre is gay porn. It is viewed almost exclusively by homosexual males. Hentai is another popular adult movie category. It is a word used in the western world to describe various forms of animated Japanese porn. The fourth most watched porn category is MILF porn. This category involves men having sex with mature women, aged between 25 and 50. Shemale porn involves a female having sex with another female instead of a male and a female. This genre is viewed almost exclusively by heterosexual men. BBW means big beautiful woman. It’s a porn genre that features extra-curvy or obese women of all races. It is extremely popular with men who fantasize having sex with these women. BDSM involves domination, submission, bondage, discipline, and/or sadism and masochism. It is a type of sexual expression where one party is subjected to punishment by psychological humiliation, physical pain, or absence of physical freedom.

There are many different laws and regulations that govern the adult entertainment scene around the world. In the United States, some forms of porn are illegal including child porn, simulated child porn, simulated rape, bestiality, defecation and urination. In China, it is illegal to watch porn and anyone caught in the act faces a maximum of three years in jail. It is also illegal to produce and distribute porn in North Korea and if caught, one faces the death penalty. Although it is legal to view porn in Japan, Japanese law mandates that pubic hair and genitals be censored. In Brazil, all adult film actors are required to use condoms. In France, all adult movies face a 33% tax. In Australia, porn movies that feature ‘A’ cup-sized breasts are banned for fear that they will encourage pedophilia. Therefore, all countries have differing regulations in reference to the adult industry however internet films remain the prime place where any content may be found.